7 Thoughts When Designing Your Garden Games Room

If you’ve always dreamed of having a home games room but never had the space, a purpose-built garden games room may just be the answer. We’ve put together a helpful collection of things to consider when designing the games room of your dreams.


A garden games room is specifically designed for playing a range of games and sports such as darts, pool, video games or tabletop games like table tennis. It can be a place for the family to connect over board games, or your own personal pub, where drinks can be enjoyed with friends over a few rounds of snooker or darts, or it can be more of a relaxing private gaming retreat if that is what you’re after. A home games room can be whatever you want it to be!


What is played in your home games room can dictate much of the design and decoration. For example, a pool table is usually the centrepiece of a pool room, whereas a room for video gaming focuses on the placement of screens and equipment. If you have a family of games lovers with a range of interests, careful planning and smart storage solutions can ensure everyone is kept entertained.

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Make the most of your space by choosing furniture with hidden storage. Opting for comfortable cushioned ottomans creates a clutter-free place to relax, with the added bonus of somewhere to store your controllers or board games. It is particularly important to invest in good quality seating for video gaming areas. There are a number of gaming chairs on the market, look for some that fit the style of your games room, whilst providing your with the support you need to sit in for prolonged periods of time!


It is essential to carefully consider lighting choices in a games room to create the optimum conditions for play. Our bespoke garden studios provide a great source of natural light during the daytime, and strategically placed lighting can help achieve the best quality of light when the sun goes down.


Themes add a personal touch, and you can really let your imagination run wild when decorating a games room. You can go all out with detailed, immersive decoration that makes you feel like you’ve just stepped into a famous scene or you could choose to keep things simple with a minimalist design, but give a nod to your favourite games and movies with some treasured memorabilia.


A games room can also easily double as a home cinema simply by keeping one wall blank and investing in a projector and a popcorn machine. A home cinema is great for kids who want their own space to watch movies with friends or for parents to have a weeknight date while the teens are doing their homework.

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A home cinema isn’t the only way to make a games room a multi-purpose space; it can also be used for children’s crafts and activities, for music practice, or you can open up even more possibilities by installing cooking facilities. Having a small kitchen ensures everything is at hand when people get peckish during games or movie nights, and can also come in handy during summer garden parties.

We can help make your home games room dreams become a reality with a custom-built garden studio.