Designing the perfect garden office building

You’re excited about your new garden office but have you thought about the finer details? Pre-planning your room will ensure it’s perfect for you! All our buildings are designed bespoke and we can make yours to suit individual requirements.

What to consider when designing the perfect garden office building:

Empty Room the start of your perfect garden office

  • will clients be visiting your office?
  • how many desks do you need?
  • what sort of lighting do you want?
  • do you need a ‘meeting’ area?
  • would you like a bathroom?… a kitchenette for the important cuppa?
  • what style of interior – modern, traditional, quirky, retro?
  • what are your options for internet access and phone services?

Think about where your desk will be situated and the layout of the room. We can help you plan where the wiring, power cables, telephone and Internet connections will be situated to make sure it fits with your space.

Correct lighting is important if you’ll be working late or lack direct sunlight. Installing extra light fixtures where you’ll spend most of your time can avoid later diy jobs. Also, if you want to get the most from technology upgrade to remote controlled smart-phone lighting. This means you can switch on and off the lights from the comfort of your home – no fumbling down the garden path to your garden office when the nights draw in!

Simple things like storage are often overlooked and pre-planning helps design a space that works best for you. Consider where you want to store files and the necessary stationery kit. Places for printers and paper are useful too.

Also when you’re a home worker it’s unlikely anyone will check your health and safety – so make sure you do if you’re constantly at your desk, be ergonomically aware looking out for furniture which provides:

  • a chair with good lumbar support at the right height
  • a computer screen level with your eyes
  • a desk with enough space for your computer and for writing
  • adequate leg space under the desk to sit comfortably

This is your space so make it the perfect garden office

Personalise it and make it as fun or creative as you wish. Home offices can be clutter-free environments to help achieve productivity and focus. Considering how the space will be used in advance can help you design your dream office and make sure the space is fully utilised.

Check out our garden room case studies, or why not download our brochure so you can see a snapshot of our range.





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