Did you know that the average Briton will spend a massive 200 hours a year commuting to and from work? Is a home office the solution?

The figures, released by the Office for National Statistics show that we are adding an extra five weeks to our working lives every year! Average commute time is around 30 minutes, with Londoners having the longest commute in the UK at 40 minutes each way.

Whether travelling by car, train, bus, bike or walking; time spent on the daily commute is often time that could be better spent. Maybe it’s extra time with the family, or doing chores or just relaxing, many commuters feel a massive sense of frustration at time wasted sitting in traffic or on a packed train carriage.

The cost of commuting is also significant; in recent years fuel prices has reached record levels and train fares continue to soar. With on average around 8% of one’s salary spent on commuting costs, more and more employees are asking employers for more flexible working options.

Flexible working is often a win-win situation; employers who offer staff alternative ways of working often report cheaper employment costs and a happier workforce; with no dip in productivity. With flexible working, which includes varied office hours to avoid peak travel times or home working, employees are often much more productive, better focused and less stressed!

For those who are keen to work from home establishing a good routine from the outset is vital to minimising disruption and temptation to do other tasks. This in part can be achieved by having a designated work area, or considering one of our home offices. Here at Green Studios we design, build and install an office which can be neatly tucked away at the bottom of the garden. For smaller offices we also offer the office pod. Completely self-contained the rooms are fully insulated, have power, heat and can be designed bespoke to your requirements. What’s more, in many cases a garden room does not require planning permission and we will meet all of the necessary building regulations so the whole process is quick and simple.

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