Creating your own home garden gym

Do you struggle to fit regular gym visits into a busy lifestyle? Perhaps you wince every time your membership fee leaves your bank account? If you want to save time and money but still stay fighting fit, a home garden gym could be the answer to all your problems.

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Going to the gym is an expensive business. And sometimes it’s also frustrating; at busy times you can end up paying for the privilege of waiting your turn for the most popular equipment. If you’re fed up with queuing for the treadmill, a home garden gym is a great alternative. Available 365 days of the year, it’ll be an exclusive space, with plenty of room just for you – you’ll never have to wait for a machine to become free.

Exercise at your convenience

If you’re tired after a day at work, it’s all too tempting to skip the gym and head home to the sofa. All too often, there aren’t enough hours in the day to fit in a visit to the gym, especially if it involves a significant walk or drive. By building yourself a home garden gym, you can get the very most out of your day – saving valuable hours by exercising exactly when it suits you. If you’re a night owl and can’t access a 24 hour gym, working out at home is a dream come true.

Total privacy

It’s common to feel self-conscious when visiting the gym. Not everyone enjoys the competitive environment that many gyms seem to encourage, and lots of people would prefer to work out in private. If you want to get fit but can’t face the Lycra-clad crowds, a home gym offers the opportunity to get fit YOUR way. You’ll be able to forget everything else and exercise to the beat of your favourite music – before getting showered and changed in total privacy.

Climate control

Garden Home Gym - GARDEN ROOM CIMG4392Yes, you’re supposed to break a sweat when you work out, but sometimes the gym can get unbearably hot. A garden gym built by Green Studios is a perfectly climate-controlled environment, with ventilation windows and air conditioning, to combat the heat. In the winter, you’ll stay warm thanks to a building constructed to the highest thermal insulation standards – so whatever the weather, your gym will be a comfortable place to work out.

Designing your garden gym

When you decide to install a home garden gym, our friendly and highly qualified Green Studios team will design a bespoke building to fit your space. If a garden room dedicated solely to exercise seems a little indulgent, we can suggest ways to make your space multifunctional – perhaps doubling up as an office, leisure space or guest room. You can choose to include fully plumbed-in bathroom facilities and even a spa – or keep it simple with a simple workout space.

If you need any inspiration, why not check out this home gym we built for our client, or see our range of garden room designs for every home.

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