Creating a Garden Yoga Studio

Do you love the way yoga makes you feel? This year, take a positive step to integrate yoga into your life and prioritise your wellbeing, with a custom-built garden yoga studio.

Nature and nurture

If you love yoga but don’t always find time to attend a class, a garden yoga studio could transform your life for the better. Just imagine the difference it could make to your day, starting every morning with a peaceful and mindful yoga session, all accompanied by the sound of birdsong and a view of the natural beauty in your garden. Everyone needs time and space to nurture their whole being, in order to function at the top of their game in their everyday life – and creating a garden yoga studio is a fantastic way to ensure that you get the ‘me time’ you need for yourself.

Teach yoga from home

creating a yoga studio

If you’re an aspiring yogi who dreams of making a living from your passion, or if you already teach yoga in hired premises, creating a garden yoga studio could be the perfect way for you to develop your career. Improve your home, cut your commute and grow your business at the same time by creating a space in your garden that’s dedicated to yoga. You’ll be equipped to offer both one-to-one and group sessions at a time (and place) to suit you. And teaching in a separate space rather than a room in your house means that you’ll achieve a healthy balance between your home life and your work life.


Be inspired by your surroundings

Practising yoga involves being mindful of your surroundings – and while yogic exercises can be done anywhere, a purpose-built space that’s calm and secluded, with natural light and beautiful views, will undoubtedly improve your overall experience, enjoyment and wellbeing.  Together with the convenience of having a yoga studio in your home, a positive and enjoyable experience will make you more likely to stick to your habit and practise yoga regularly, without letting other demands get in your way.

Be flexible

And we don’t just mean your muscles! Creating a yoga studio may seem to be an unnecessary indulgence on its own, but you can make it work on a practical level. At Green Studios we can build a flexible, multipurpose garden yoga studio that can double up as an office, guest room, summerhouse or storage space. So, whatever it is that you need more space for, your garden studio will be able to meet your changing needs as time goes by.

Case study: garden yoga studio in Wales

garden yoga studio in Wales

We built a garden yoga studio for our client Ella Titman, a yoga practitioner who required a private space dedicated to practising and teaching yoga. The studio is a relaxing sanctuary that offers stunning views of the surrounding scenery, where Ella and her clients can switch off and focus, accompanied by the breathtaking beauty of the Welsh mountains.

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