Exam season is fast approaching and in households all over the country stress levels are reaching boiling point as students prepare for this crucial period. With university places and jobs riding on the outcome of the results, it is essential that your kids be given some space to get on with their revision, but losing the kitchen table for two months might not seem so appealing. The solution is in the garden! Creating a dedicated outdoor homework station for your children will transform their exam preparation, providing an attractive learning space free from distraction. Better still, you’ll reclaim use of the kitchen table and have a new work and leisure space when the long summer holidays arrive.

A dedicated study area

One of the biggest obstacles to effective exam revision and studying is distraction. If your child is working in the house, it’s easy to forget that they might not want to be disturbed, especially if they’re working in a room with regular people traffic. A garden homework station will be a haven for your kids, a dedicated learning space away from the distractions of the house. There they can organise their books and notes, and not have to pack it away off the kitchen table when the dinner is ready.

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This is particularly important for design subjects with extensive coursework requirements. You can also fit a wide range of electrical fixtures into the outdoor study space, allowing for computer use and full internet access if required. The closer proximity with a green space will help create a peaceful environment and regular interaction with nature can also help improve our focus on tasks.

Independent learning

It is becoming increasingly common for university students to stay at home for at least part of their studies to avoid racking up eye-watering rents. While it is always lovely to have your son or daughter back in the house, it can quickly become difficult if they feel they have lost the independence they might have had if they were living on their own or with other students. Add in the pressure of final exams and this can create a great deal of unwanted stress in the home. By designating a space away from the home for their study, you can encourage your children to work but grant them the independence to get on with it without them feeling like you are looking over their shoulder. You can also allow them to design the homework station. A stylish study space which reflects their identity and interests will make studying seem more appealing.

Adaptable space

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When the exams are finished and the kids are out making most of the summer, you can transform the homework station for your own use. A Garden Studio is an adaptable space, ideal for home office use or as a leisure room. Perhaps you could take the opportunity to spend more time with your children over the summer by working from home in a dedicated space of your own.

When family and friends come to stay it will make a great guest room too. Check out some of the other versatile spaces we’ve designed for our clients.

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