Working from home is an increasingly popular way to cut the commute and make more efficient use of time. In fact, 13.9% of all UK workers now put in at least some of their hours from home. If you’re one of them, you’ll need a dedicated space to get your work done. An office in the garden could be the solution you’re looking for.

Getting away from it all

One common reason for working from home is to avoid the inevitable chatter and distraction that can be found in a typical workplace. But sometimes our homes can be just as hectic, with family life not always compatible with a quiet place to think. Garden offices can provide the perfect balance, offering a dedicated space where you can concentrate on your work, combined with the all the benefits of a home base. Your office in the garden could offer a quiet place to concentrate, with great views and lots of natural light to offer extra inspiration.

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If you’re imagining sitting, freezing in a dingy and draughty shed, it’s probably time to update your ideas about working from the garden. Modern garden studios are really comfortable, warm spaces with great insulation so you won’t get cold. You can have access to heating, electric light, wi-fi, plumbing and air-con, so your office in the garden will be comfortable, luxurious and fully equipped for any type of work. Hi-tech gadgets like remote-controlled heating and video-enabled doorbells offer convenient ways to make life easier while you’re working.

At Green Studios we’ve built well-equipped garden-based art rooms, music studios, offices and client meeting rooms, with all the fixtures, fittings and features needed for a fully functional workspace.

Meet and greet clients


Working from a spare room or kitchen table might be all very well if it’s just you and a laptop. But if you have clients to meet, you really need a dedicated space in which to do it.

By building an office in the garden, you can easily separate your work life from your home life and avoid unwanted interruptions at crucial moments. A garden office and meeting room with ample storage space is also a great place for you to showcase your creations or give product demonstrations.


The great thing about a garden office from Green Studios is that it can be built to your exact specifications. So, whether you’re after a multifunctional space that doubles as an office and leisure room, a home base that boasts lots of storage for bikes, or a purpose-built studio with specialist fixtures, we can design a garden room to meet your needs. Even if your garden is small, or a difficult shape, we’ll find a way for you to make the most of the space you have.

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