Taste is often a matter of opinion. How you design your garden room interior will depend on your personality, so you might choose to create a comfortable chic or funky retro theme. It’s up to you…’s your space!

There’s no limit to how a garden room can be personalised or designed. So if you’ve taken the time to splash out on a separate outdoor building why not decorate it to suit your taste – you ‘ve no one to please but yourself.

Think about it….if it’s a ‘cool crib’ you’re after you can create a cinema room for an awesome experience.

If you want to hangout and relax at the weekend, listen to music and play pool, with a bit of design and imagination you can have a nostalgic retrospective look or go bang up to date.

The choices are endless – here are a few retro examples

Urban Outfitters, Record Player Stand for garden room interior
Black zig-zag rug, urban outfitters for garden room interior

This record player stand from Urban Outfitters combined with a loud and funky rug can create a genuine 70’s feel and if you add individual pieces from

Ligne Roset Togo, red leather couch for garden room interior

Funky Junky like this amazing leather couch, you’ve got yourself a “wicked pad”.

So it’s up to you…..

Your garden room could be a fun place that reflects the real you. Let it reflect your personality. If you choose an outdoor space we can help you design it from scratch and you won’t be restricted by the previous owner’s limitation.

Our intuitive consultation service is a great reason for choosing Green Studios as it allows us to ‘see it the way you do’ and we use our years of experience in creating unique garden spaces from the ground up for all our clients. Each feature will be carefully manufactured in our own factory to provide you with the very best in sustainable and low maintenance materials.

All to create a place where you can be yourself.

Who wouldn’t want that!

Shy Peacock Image courtesy of artur84 –