As the kids get older and fly the nest, you may be forgiven for thinking that you’ll need less space around the home. However, the opposite is actually true and you might want to think about investing in an outdoor guest house!

Due to high house prices and fewer jobs, more and more children are joining the “boomerang” generation and coming back to live at home after they finish college or university. On top of this, you might also find that as time passes, parents and elderly relatives begin to struggle living alone. You might want to move them closer to you in order to help and support them in the future – but where will you find the space?

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Choosing to construct an outdoor guest house provides the ideal solution to this dilemma. Garden accommodation buildings can be easily and quickly built and are a fantastic way to increase living space without the cost or hassle of moving house or having an extension built. They meet building regulations and in many cases you won’t even need planning permission to construct one.

All the mod-cons

Of course it may seem an unusual idea to live in a garden guest house, but the high tech garden accommodation buildings of the 21st century are as far from a garden shed as it’s possible to be! Because you can run electricity and plumbing out to your guest house, you’ll be able to enjoy all the mod-cons that you would expect in any home.

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A shower, toilet and fully functioning fitted kitchen can transform garden accommodation buildings, whether it’s for a long term living arrangement or for overnight guests at Christmas. This garden guest house from Green Studios is the perfect example of how garden accommodation buildings can be kitted out to provide a fabulous living space. Better still, you won’t need to worry about the weather as your garden guest house comes with the latest insulation technology meaning it’ll stay cool in the summer and warm and cosy in the winter.

Independent living

A garden guest house also has the benefit of helping an older child or elderly relative live independently whilst still knowing that help and support is never far away! Garden accommodation buildings allow teenagers to take the vital first steps towards living independently following their return from university. Not only will this provide them with privacy, they’ll also learn to take responsibility for themselves and you’ll avoid the many arguments that an overfull house can cause! Compared to current high house prices and rents, an outdoor guest house provides an affordable way for young adults to live independently from their parents.

Garden accommodation buildings also bridge the gap for the older generation who find that they’re no longer able to live alone but are still not ready to completely give up their independence. A garden guest house is the perfect “granny annexe” and will allow elderly relatives to retain autonomy over their lifestyle whist getting the additional support that they need.

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So, if you want more space without the hassle, why not consider an outdoor guest house? You can keep your family near whilst still allowing them to retain their precious independence.