A-level results are out and for some teenagers this means moving away and going to university. You’re now left with a real dilemma…..what’s going to happen to the spare room?

You begin by thinking – fantastic, I’ve got a spare room for my a) office b) creative room c) man cave *(delete as appropriate), but in reality most students return for family get-togethers and term-time holidays, and they’ll need a place to stay (and get their laundry done of course!)

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Also when your teenager leaves home for uni they often come back with an air (if they didn’t have it already) of independence. Have you thought about a garden building to either, give them their own space and leave your house for you, or even better to keep it as your luxury haven for when they’re back. That way they get to keep their old favourite homely bedroom just as it is, and the transition will be easier for everyone.

After all, for a lot of people, home will always be home. You’ll want your kids to feel they have somewhere they can stay and catch up with old friends, visit relatives or see the family pet. Of course they may decide to move on when uni ends, but keeping their room for as long as you can provides them with a ‘safety blanket’ so they can come back without losing their ‘newly found’ freedom.

Building a garden room instead will give you the same benefits as adapting the spare room but lots of extra’s chucked in for good measure.

Here are a few examples of how your boomerang kids will benefit when back from university:

  • Our rooms are built to a higher spec than most homes so are really habitable all year round
  • Design your garden room to your choice of layout, style, size etc.
  • Opt for completely self contained accommodation and choose an en suite bathroom
  • Any major work is kept separate from the main building and you can trust us to install your building quickly and efficiently
  • We have a clear and comprehensive garden room price package

So if the thought of a spare room fills you with excitement but also brings a tear to your eye – then wipe it away. You’re not losing a son or daughter, your gaining a garden room!

A room that your boomerang university kids will use when they come back for years to come.

Check out our range of Garden Rooms buildings here to find one that suits you.