Did you know that there are currently almost 2 million adult children living back at home with their parents? With many young adults priced out of the housing market, the modern phenomenon of offspring returning home to mum and dad on graduation from university even has a snappy name. This is the generation of the boomerang kids.

But despite becoming more and more common, the experience of adult children living at home can be a tricky one on both sides. Parents who have got used to their ‘empty nest’ and started making plans for the next stage of their life may find it difficult to readjust to living alongside their children once more, while the boomerang kids themselves will have grown in independence and maturity since they last lived at home. Getting the balance right between spending time together and retaining a sense of independence can be particularly difficult when boomerang kids and parents alike can easily regress to outdated roles of strict parent and stroppy teenager.

Garden Art Studio Music Room and Guest Room Tunbridge Wells 12

So, can a solution be found to help both generations live side by side in relative harmony? We at Green Studios certainly think so! Installing a garden studio outside the property could be the answer to all of these issues, and here’s how. Self contained additional accommodation provides the ideal independent living space for adult children, allowing all parties to live separate lives and to retain their privacy. And when the boomerang kids eventually do leave home for good, the space can be utilised as guest accommodation, office space with garden views, or even a haven for burgeoning retirement hobbies.

If you have boomerang kids and the garden room solution is of interest to you, the next step is to find out more and see what’s possible for your home. Planning permission for garden studios is always a question that is raised early on, but in many cases, it’s not necessary for a construction of this type. Our experts have extensive experience in this area and will be happy to guide you. The cost of a garden room is another important issue to consider. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that the extra space and functionality that your garden guest room brings will almost certainly add value to your property, and if you’re lucky, the project may even pay for itself.

In terms of design ideas for your garden room accommodation, there are many possibilities. Self contained bathroom and kitchen facilities will make your garden guest room into a real home within a home. You can build a bungalow or include a mezzanine level to really make the most of the space. It’s important to think about all the ways in which the space will be used, both as a living space for the boomerang kids, and after they have moved on. You’ll be surprised at the clever design ideas that can help to create effective and functional mixed purpose accommodation.

Why not check out some of our case studies to find out how a garden room could be the perfect place to accommodate your boomerang kids?