Whilst turning back the clocks has given us brighter mornings, the downside is less light in the evening. If you’re thinking of having a luxury garden room but wonder if it will end up just a summer house and not used in the winter – that’s not the case!

At Green Studio we know that lots of our customers use their garden room as a home office so often have to go out to it in the morning, or return in the chilly dark winter nights. They also love to use their garden building for entertaining friends and family so are often popping down the garden ‘after dark’! But having the right lighting also makes a feature of your room that can looking stunning at night.

We always look out for new and interesting ways to light up the darkness and are always impressed with our clients and their ingenuity as they discover creative forms of garden room lighting. They’re never short of clever ideas on how to use artificial light to enjoy the garden room all year round.

Imagine you’ve invited friends round for drinks. Picture their confused look as you say “lets nip into the garden” then with a flick of a switch out of the darkness your garden room appears and is surrounded by downlighters, floodlights and LED’s which light the path and guide your guests to a unique personalised space where you’ll continue to entertain and maybe have a game of pool / table tennis / play music (the choice is yours!).

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Suddenly you’ve transformed your world into an enchanted space that leaves them speechless. So whether you have a studio, pod or lodge here is how you can do it.


• Light the way along your garden path and connect your house and garden room by using our 4.5W LED lamps which will help define the path in the darkness. As a bonus they will give you a 91.43% reduction in energy consumption compared to other halogen lamps.
• Use accent lighting to focus pools of light and shadow on and around the building and create a wonderful atmosphere for your guests.
• Little touches such as placing the LED’s on the steps up to the garden room will improve your guest overall experience and project a sense of depth.
• Oh, and if you fancy mod-cons we do smartphone systems which allow you to control the heating, lights & power inside the garden room.

So if you love the idea of a stunning night-time backdrop for your garden building why not give it the full works so it can inspire you long after dark.