While not every everyone has the option of working from home for those who do it can be a great way to achieve a meaningful work-life balance. Research into working from home suggests that it may be a win/ win situation for both employers and employees. For employers office running costs are lower with fewer employees using the facilities. And employers often report they notice no negative difference in their employees work output, with some noticing that output and quality rise thanks to less disruptions.

For the employee, working from home means greater flexibility over how and when they work. This flexibility and lack of time spent commuting (which for some people can be over two hours a day) is time that can be channelled into a family activity or into a hobby or exercise; all fantastic ways of boosting morale and happiness. By working from home, employees often report improvements in their diet, without the tempting vending machines and office cakes, employees are able to control their diet much better and eat healthier.

Despite all the positives one thing which can hold people back from working from home is finding suitable space within the home. Family homes, especially those with children, are often already compromised for space without the addition of a home office. At Green Studios our home offices are the ideal solution for the home worker. Easily installed, and usually not requiring planning permission, the rooms can be adapted to suit your needs and create much needed living space without the cost, mess and disruption of a house extension.

Our rooms can be used for pretty much anything; games room for the kids, granny annexe, luxury music room or even just as a chill out space. Check out our gallery to see the amazing range of uses for our garden buildings available to you!