When families start to outgrow their properties thoughts turn to either moving house or extending their current home. The cost of moving house has risen by 69% in the past ten years; solicitor fees, stamp duty and estate agent fees all add up and homeowners can find their moving bill can be anything upto £20,000!

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All this before you add on the costs of redecorating the new property and making it feel like home. So if the costs of moving seem prohibitive but the family is outgrowing the home what can you do? Well in many cases the answer is to increase the existing living space. For many people this may mean an extension. An extension can be single or two storey and will require planning permission. Once granted the build will take around 12 weeks to complete and on average cost approximately £35,000.

While an extension is a great way to reconfigure the layout of your home, for many people the mess, hassle and cost can be a barrier. Depending on your property converting the attic space may be an idea. Making use of this space as a home office or bedroom is a great solution for many families, though it can create a problem of storage space elsewhere within the house. One solution considered by many is to have a conservatory fitted. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, a conservatory is a relatively easy way to create extra downstairs living space. The drawback of a conservatory is that they are difficult to keep at a consistent temperature; often too cold in winter and too hot on sunny days. Conservatories can often have a ‘tacked on’ feeling; not feeling quite part of the main house and yet not useable as a separate space either.

Growing in popularity, in part thanks to the increasing number of home workers, are garden rooms. Typically not requiring planning permission, these standalone rooms can be positioned anywhere within the garden and are fully self-contained. Designed to bespoke specifications the rooms are fully insulated, double-glazed and have full electrics and heating. The rooms can even be added to the main house’s security system if so required. Customers often ask us if a garden room is a good investment and we usually say that you can recuperate at least 75% of the cost of the project on the value of the house.

Cost-effective to install, home offices are an alternative way to add much needed space to a family home. At Green Studios we are a luxury garden room supplier and every room we supply can be tailored to your specifications. Whatever you need to use your garden building for, whether it’s a home office, music room, playroom or even a granny flat we have the solution for you!