Picture this scene…It’s Christmas Eve, the house is upside down with food preparations, bits of tinsel and neighbours who can’t take a hint. You keep thinking “All I want for Christmas” is time to myself and then you glance out the window and smile.

There it is glittering in the dark like a lighthouse in a storm. Your garden room, which you realise it’s the best thing you bought this year! It’s the perfect place to chill out before and during the festive period. It’s fully insulated, airtight and as warm and dry as any room in the house. Our garden rooms are robust and sustainable, so anyone who believes a garden room is just for the summer missed a treat.

It’s a great place to escape and even better it has other uses too:

  • It’s the perfect place for wrapping presents preventing ‘accidental tourists’ or nosey parkers getting a peak at Santa’s booty.
  • You might want to splash out on an extra tree and use it for that impromptu Christmas party, keeping the house nice and tidy for the rest of the holidays.
  • Then again if you get really festive at Christmas a garden room could also be the ideal place for putting on your Santa costume, saving you the embarrassment of being spotted yet again, trying to sneak out of the back bedroom.
  • Or if you are one of those people who loves decorating your home with a million Christmas lights… get really excited about illuminating it as your own Santa’s Grotto.

The list endless, and whether you’ve been naughty or nice this year, however you use your garden room at Christmas, it will feel like an extra gift you can use all year round.

It’s a haven… helping you make your Christmas wishes come true, whether you want extra space to rock around the Christmas tree or simply a place to retire to in the evening when the hustle of the day has worn you out.

If you’re still not convinced…imagine this, softly falling white snow that turns your garden into a Winter Wonderland, with your garden room as the center piece and you warm and toasty drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows, what could be more Christmassy than that?

Office and garden room at Christmas

You can see from the pictures our clients send us how amazing a garden room can look in the snow, and those who opted for an eco-friendly, unbreakable, flexible pitched roof, now have their very own Christmas cabin.

All that’s missing is the sound of reindeer on the roof.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas


Everyone at Green Studios

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