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What Makes Our Buildings Eco-Friendly?

Awareness of our impact on the environment is increasing every year. More and more of us are paying attention to our lifestyles, and asking if we could be making greener choices. This is more important in the construction industry than almost anywhere else, because buildings are responsible for such a big share of carbon emissions –40% of Britain’s emissions come from the built environment.

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Seven Reasons To Fit A Green Roof

We love a living roof at Green Studios, and we fit them regularly. But what are the advantages of a green roof? Let’s list some of the many benefits:

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7 Thoughts When Designing Your Garden Games Room

If you’ve always dreamed of having a home games room but never had the space, a purpose-built garden games room may just be the answer. Designing the games room of your dreams with these tips.

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How To Spring Clean Your House

There’s nothing quite like the arrival of spring sunshine to get us in the mood to give our homes a bit of TLC. Here are a few tips to help you clean and organise your home this spring.


7 Tips To Organise Your Home Library

If you have a large book collection, it takes work to keep it organised. Get the best from your books, with our tips for designing and maintaining a well-kept home library.


Back To School Homework Tips

Homework often causes stress, conflict and panic – in children and parents alike! This year, do it differently: just follow these tips on how to get kids back into the swing of homework.

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How To Make Your Home More Functional

Is your home a model of streamlined efficiency, or do you wish you could be more organised? Follow our tips to simplify household tasks, banish clutter and make your home more functional.

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Home Office Storage Solutions

Our workspace can influence our state of mind. Do you need extra space in your home office? Try these home office storage solutions that’ll help you to clear out the clutter.

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Creating A Garden Yoga Studio

Do you love the way yoga makes you feel? Why not integrate yoga into your life and prioritise your wellbeing, with a custom-built garden yoga studio.

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