Our luxury garden accommodation range gives you the extra room everyone needs. Fully compliant to building regulations as a ‘Dwelling House’, this offers just the solution. Granny annex, teenage studio, guest house – the choice is yours!


When you need extra space, your garden can be used for accommodation – an outdoor guest house provides the perfect solution. Our garden accommodation range is fully compliant to building regulations as a ‘Dwelling House’, this means that it really is like a home.

Increasingly, people are looking for options to house elderly relatives, or children that have returned from university and are not able to get on the property ladder yet! By utilising your garden, you can save costs.

Did you know that the average cost for a residential care home per year is £28,500*? Our large garden accommodation pod would be suitable for a home-style dwelling and is just a one-off £46,250. Doesn’t it make sense to invest now?

Example prices

Accommodation example 1 2

Example Accommodation 1

Example price: £46,250

Compact garden studio designed with open plan living room / bedroom with optional wall-bed frame and cabinet

Width 5.39m (17’8”)
Depth 3.49m (11’5")
Internal Height 2.4m (7’10”)

Accommodation example 4 8

Example Accommodation 2

Example price: £68,795

Extra large pod fitted with both full-height corner windows and a desk-level corner window plus a separate bathroom, built to full Building Regulations dwelling-house specification

Width 9.29m (30’6”)
Depth 4.26m (13’11”)
Internal Height 2.4m (7’10”)

Accommodation example 6 12

Example Accommodation 3

Example price: £114,195

A spacious two bedroom garden lodge with full size bathroom, tall internal vaulted ceilings and opening roof windows. Configured around a central living and dining room (no kitchen installation included).

Width 10.49m (34’5”)
Depth 5.45m (17’11”)
Internal Height 2.1m eaves (6’11”)
rising to 3.5m ridge (11’6”)


Our garden accommodation range is bespoke designed and starts from just £45,995. From mezzanine floors to fully kitted bathrooms and kitchens, we can design your garden studio to match your exact requirements. Call us now on 01582 805710 or email us here for a free quote.

* Data supplied by PayingForCare

With a roof window that allows lots of natural daylight, this is a stunning office that with a king-size sofa bed is also a great guest room

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